Gerd Rehme – Art and artificial intelligence

Gerd Rehme - Kunst und künstliche Intelligenz

The artist Gerd Rehme deals in his current works with the topics of “digital capture of the human face” and artificial intelligence. He asks the question “where humans still retain their control and whether there will be a transition from human to artificial intelligence.”

Solo exhibition

Vernissage: 09.12.2022 – 7pm
Exhibition period: 09.12.2022 – 06.01.2023
Opening speech: Dr. Davood Khazaie
Musical accompaniment: Petra Thelen (saxophone)

In this solo exhibition, we present a variety of works by Gerd Rehme that show his impressive range of artistry. His powerful abstract works thrive on vibrant complementary colors and his figurative paintings invite the viewer to reflect through inspirational emotional worlds. He likes to use the material “iron rust”, a symbol of the transient life and decay of a resistant material. The visual effect and feel of iron rust has always impressed art lovers.

Initially, Gerd Rehme began with solo and group exhibitions in northern Germany, and since 2021 he has exhibited internationally. His participation in an international museum project in Beijing, in cooperation with the Hong Art Museum and Pashmin Art Consortia, next year can be considered a career highlight.

Look forward to an artful evening with brisant lectures, musical jazz background and a small snack selection.


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