Shifting Paradigms

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Dialogues Across Perspectives

Peter Bayer | Frenchie | Mark Müller | Willem Vos

In the midst of a world undergoing profound changes, Pashmin Art Gallery proudly announces its latest exhibition, “Shifting Paradigms: Dialogues Across Perspectives,” curated by Nour Nouri, the director of Pashmin Art. This extraordinary showcase, opening on January 27th and running until February 24th, 2024, brings to the forefront the works of four pioneering artists: Peter Bayer, Frenchie, Mark Müller, and Willem Vos. Each artist, through their distinctive artistic language, delves into the complex layers of personal identity, societal discourse, spatial awareness, and the intricate balance between tradition and modernity.

The exhibition, spearheaded by Dr. Davood Khazaie’s insightful opening speech and moderated by Christine Adler, stands as a testament to the dynamic nature of change, urging viewers to embrace the ongoing flux that defines our existence.

Peter Bayer’s abstract creations invite us into the depths of the subconscious, offering a sanctuary in the midst of chaos. His canvases, alive with emotional spontaneity, challenge viewers to find personal resonance within universal forms.

In stark contrast, Frenchie´s satirical pieces provide a razor-sharp commentary on contemporary culture and politics, capturing the essence of our times with profound irony.

Mark Müller’s sculptural wall-pieces redefine our interaction with space, transforming it into a narrative medium. His works, acting as three-dimensional snapshots, encapsulate the soul of our built environments and the memories they harbor.

Willem Vos’s artistic odyssey, from a corporate world to creative freedom, exemplifies the triumph of human spirit, with each piece celebrating his journey into artistic expression.

Shifting Paradigms” is more than an exhibition – it is a dialogue spanning various artistic disciplines, united by the overarching theme of transformation. It acknowledges that change, in all its forms – whether internal revolutions of the soul, shifting socio-political landscapes, or the reimagining of space and form – is the only constant in our lives.

This exhibition is an open invitation to immerse yourself in a world where art not only captivates but deeply resonates; where dialogue extends beyond mere words to echo in the mind’s corridors. Join us at “Shifting Paradigms: Dialogues Across Perspectives,” where each piece sparks a conversation, every room unveils a chapter, and every visit marks a step in an unceasing journey of discovery and insight.

Welcome to a world where art and life converge, where the personal and the universal intermingle, and where every stroke, shape, and space tells a story of transformation and transition.


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