The Bearable Lightness Of Being

Einladung Gruppenausstellung Mai 22 2000x1200px

The goddess Maia was the patron saint of fertility and beauty. We owe the name of the beautiful spring month of May to her. With the ethos of the Greek goddess in mind, we have given the May group exhibition at the Pashmin Art Gallery Hamburg the motto “The Tolerable Lightness of Being”, as art is the best diplomat of lightness.

Meet our three art diplomats:

In the works of Gerd Rehme, the viewer finds a free and boundless pictorial structure that offers plenty of room for discovery and letting oneself be affected. The non-representational nature of his abstract acrylic artworks, which he applies to the canvas partly with a brush and partly with a palette knife, contain questions on essential themes such as tolerance, dominance, empathy, and also socio-economic issues such as anthropogenic climate change or the consumption of resources. Rehme’s plays on colour and form are optimistically playful and at the same time profound and courageous.

Christina Czarnowske’s artworks thrive on a self-created “figurative glamour look style” that bristles with charming femininity. The freelance artist deals with the female beauty norms of our society and conjures up a canvas reality that resembles a film set. Czarnowske’s portrayals of women convey a great deal of sensuality, aesthetics and lightness.

When joie de vivre is captured in shapes and colours, energy images are created that create a positive mood – as is the case with Barbara Bienemann’s artworks. Her geometric, high-contrast paintings are clear and speak directly to the soul of the viewer. Each individual work contains an intense harmony of colour that affects the mind and our well-being. Bienemann’s works can very well be described with the words of the painter Henri Matisse: “Painting is not shaping colouring, but shaping colours”.


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