Niko Nikolaidis

After his two-year training as a visual artist at the Academy for Fine Arts in Hanover, his goal was firmly this: “Painting will accompany me all my life.” This helped him not only successfully complete his Abitur [Baccalaureate] in 2011 but motivated the young artist to study marketing management, which he auspiciously completed in September 2014.

He takes challenges ambitious, cynical, almost eccentric, he combines challenges rather than inspiration for new things.

Over time, he realized that every moment we experience is a moment of eternity. No one can take this moment. Moments mature to make an experience. This experience translates into his thinking and acting today.

But moments of eternity are closely linked to transience. For moments pass, but remain as an experience for ever. He conceives this transience, which is associated with fear, death, and destruction, more as an inspiration for something new. Through the insight of transience, we are only aware of how precious and unique the moments of creating are.


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